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The House

I Phoned this company up as I was interested in renting a Lamborghini for a day during my 2 week visit to Miami for WMC. It was probably the 4th company i found on google, but had a friendly person at the end of it and a good price so i decided to book. The whole process was explained and was very easy to set up, the company is very easy to get hold of and updated me on delivery of the car by text which was great, also had a look at their showroom and all the cars! The car turned up bang on time, quick run through on how to operate and off i was for a solid 24 hours cruising in the sun in an Orange Lambo. Probably the best experience of the holiday (apart from swedish house mafia ;)) My partner and I soared up to Fort Lauderdale and back, I went over double the allocated miles, which I was only charged a tiny fee for. I even got offered the services of a VIP personal bodyguard who handed me his business card as I parked outside starbucks...crazy attention! I can't recommend this company more, it is so perfectly run, I would literally travel back to Miami just so I could rent from these guys again!!

Rosco F

The whole process was super easy and quick, kristin responded to each email right away and helped us through each step. We rented the lamborghini 560-4...the coolest car I have ever seen and driven in. The best price out of any other company also. The car arrived right on time right in front of our hotel and only took about 10 minutes before we were off in a orange Lambo. We drove from hollywood Fl, to south beach and went way over the miles but it was for sure worth it. Can't wait for next time we come to florida for our next rental!

Parker Gelber

So I had an upcoming special event, and knew I wanted to rent something nice... In fact, I had a specific car in mind: The Audi R8 Spyder. And let me tell you, I did my homework... I scoured the internet for each and every exotic car rental company in Florida. I made a spreadsheet based on rental requirements (deposit, mileage allowance, delivery fee, etc etc). And from the get-go, Lou La Vieâ??s website caught my attention. Its clean, professional, has links that work (seriously), with adequate descriptions and FAQs, etc, which is often a reflection of oneâ??s business. So that encouraged me. After calling them, I can tell ya that Lou La Vie's staff was clearly the most courteous and professional over the phone. I didn't feel rushed, they took the time to answer my many questions, and I could tell from their professionalism that this was something they did every day (not the case for every company I contacted; some seemed to be able to "get ahold" of a car as a "side business" they do). Then came the car. Hands down, no questions asked, Lou La Vie had the hottest R8 Spyder in town. Actually...lemme back up. A bunch of places have R8s. Only a handful (5 to be exact) actually had the Spyder in their inventory. And the color choices of those 5 ranged from dismal to "ok." Then came Lou La Vie. Brilliant silver. On a gorgeous red leather interior. Simply perfect. So how did the transaction go? Super smooth from start to finish. Reserving the car was easy. I needed it delivered; "No problem" they said â?? and they didnâ??t charge an arm and a leg for it like other companies did. I needed to finalize the delivery time and exact location only days before pickup. Not an issue. And even when there was even an unexpected minor hiccup with the car, the Lou La Vie staff were VERY fair in accommodating the hiccup and making sure I was 100% happy & satisfied with my rental. At dropoff, I simply had to sign in a couple of spots, went over the car to make sure I knew how everything operated, answered any questions, handed me the key, and I was ready to go. At pickup, they looked over the car, made sure it was still in the condition it was handed to me in, and that was that. I handed over the keys, got the deposit refunded promptly, and all was well. In fact, as someone who travels regularly, I can tell you that my experience with renting a $160,000 car from Lou La Vie went smoother and easier than the process at many of the everyday local car rental outfits. All in all, the process was simple, the staff was professional and courteous, and the car was amazing. Would I rent from them again? You betcha I would. In fact, wouldnâ??t rent from anywhere else. Lou La Vie. Simply the best.

Ramy Nasr

I wanted to surprise my bf for our anniversary with a lambourghini and first was dealing with another company that was trying to take me for a fool and were not even polite! Then Kirstin called me and saved the day!!! she offered me an amazing rate and all the information I needed! she is great to deal with and extremely organized and friendly!! the car was impeccable and i got the chance to rent their panamera GTS which was just incredible also!!! the cars were spic and span and amazing to drive!! She is a very lovely person to deal with and so i one of her colleagues John who was the one who brought us the lambo!! I will refer them to all my friends and hopefully when I go back again will definitely rent a car from them!! LOU LA VIE is incredible and it was such a pleasure to deal with them :)!!

Steph Elian

This was my first experience renting a "super car" from a company. I have always wanted to but was scared of the process and always worried these companies would find something wrong and take me for everything I had. When I got to Miami, I decided to bite the bullet this time and give it a shot. After a lot of research, both on reviews from others and the available cars I decided to give Lou La Vie a try. From the very moment I contacted them I was sure I made the right decision. They were very helpful and friendly, answered all of the questions I had and were very upfront about all the costs, the costs of any damages that may be incurred and what they look for, as well as the mileage allowed. They were slightly, and i mean by less than $100 more expensive than some other companies I found but the experience was worth it. They were bit hard to find (they are no longer on 24th as the iPhone map shows they are) but once we found them we were very impressed with the showroom and the employees. The girls I was with loved walking around and sitting in all the vehicles on the showroom floor while I was helped with the paper work. The paper work had nothing in it that threw any red flags and was once again very forward and explained well. The entire rental process took about 15 minutes after my reservation. Communication after my reservation before I went in was smooth and most of it was completed through text. This was nice as everyone knows you can't always answer your phone while out in Miami. I rented a Nissan GTR. The car was spotless inside and out, there were no stickers or advertisements for their company on the car which was nice; the car drove very well. After I returned the vehicle we did a small walk through and Kristin got the girls a bottle of water as we worked on releasing the security deposit hold on my account. The deposit was back in my account as promised within two days. Kristin also drove us back to South Beach in Ghost and was happy to do so free of charge. The girls loved playing in the back with all the amenities while Kristin and I chatted about cars and business. I couldn't be happier with my experience and will surely be renting from Lou La Vie next time I am in town. They are honest and genuinely seem to care about their clients. Hopefully by this time next year I'll own a GTR and will be renting my next potential car, the 458 :) Check them out, you won't be disappointed!

Vince Gioffre

I have rented vechiles all across the world but the service which Lou La Vie offers has surpassed all of them. The level of dedication and friendliness of the team coupled with the small details which they take the time to pay attention to makes the whole experience so much better. I would recommend this company to anyone in the miami area who wants a clean, well maintained super car. FYI the 16M is a dream to drive would recommend it to any petrol head.

Alexander Debare

Lou La Vie is off the charts incredible. I've rarely dealt with a company that has customer service and follow-through like them. I've always wanted to drive Nissan's GTR, and Kristen and her team made it incredibly easy. The reservation process was simple, and filling out their liability/insurance form was short and sweet. Once I showed up, all I had to do was give them a bit more information for payment and I was good to go in under 10 minutes. I probably could have left earlier, but I wanted to stick around and get to know their team better since they felt more like friends than people who were renting me a car! They showed me around the car to help me get acquainted and then let me know their expectations and standards up front in a clear way so there was no confusion whatsoever (which is helpful when you're about to take something that nice off the lot). Kristen even made her cell phone number available 24/7 in case there were any unforseen issues. So rare to have that level of excellence, and I travel a LOT. When I returned the car, they even gave us a free ride back to our hotel without us even having to ask! The car was incredible, the team was incredible and the experience left me wondering why I would ever rent an exotic from any other company...do yourself a favor and hit Lou La Vie up. I'll be back for sure...

Tony Anderson

I have rented exotic cars in the past in Miami however; my experience with Lou La Vie Exotic Car Rental blew everyone else out of the water! The customer service from the first call up to delivery of the car was extraordinary. The car arrived clean and was ready to be enjoyed. I rented the Audi R8. Was a lot fun! The entire staff was prompt, kind, and very accommodating. I will absolutely use Lou La Vie Exotic Car Rental EVERY time I am in Miami, FL. Thank you to Kristin, Jr. and John for making my exotic car rental experience excellent!

Zeeshan Paracha

It had become a competition of sorts every time another anniversary rolled around, each gift more lavish and exciting than the last. So with the arrival of our 5-year anniversary came an insatiable curiosity about what could possibly top the slew of romantic, spontaneous and magical gifts I had received from my husband over the years. The answer was a weekend in a beautiful white Porsche 911 Carrera S. It was completely unexpected, but in hindsight it was the perfect gift for my husband and I. The rental process was smooth and though it felt like an eternity until we were on the road due to the anticipation, we were on our way before I knew it. I am not a stranger to luxury vehicles, but none I had been in previously delivered the comfort and power that the Porsche did. The interior was artful and totally intuitive, hugging me securely as it built speed and effortlessly maneuvered through Miamiâ??s streets. I was especially appreciative of the state of the art Bose sound system, which provided a perfect crisp soundtrack to our adventures. The exterior is a showstopper: a gorgeous white body with a red convertible top. It seemed everywhere we went it was turning heads (and attracting the occasional honk of approval). Every time I looked over at my husband, a long-time car enthusiast, he was smiling from ear to ear. The car transitioned beautifully from a playful, casual day car with the top down to a staple of luxury with the red roof on display as we arrived at dinner. Itâ??s really something to live your whole life in a city and to have a vehicle give it such an exciting new perspective. We definitely took the scenic route to many of our destinations that weekend. Iâ??ve yet to figure out what next yearâ??s gift could possibly be, but if it were to be another rental from Lou La Vie I would be elated.

Alyssa Montero

Had a great experience! I rented both the Ferrari 458 Spyder and the Lamborghini Huracan with a friend of mine. We were treated like VIP's the whole time. The staff was very friendly and helpful, and the cars were awesome! I will definitely be renting from them again!

Alex Pfand

After trying a few other exotic car rental companies and being unsatisfied with their customer interactions I was referred to Lou La Vie by a friend. The attention and high level of service was evident during the entire process. Within hours we were at the facility picking up a 2016 Nissan GTR. The showroom was absolutely impressive. Fad, our sales contact, was very knowledgeable about the specifics of this car. She is an excellent ambassador for Lou La Vie. Overall outstanding experience and definitely would recommend.

Kim Wilde

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