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Whether you’re looking for the sports car of your dreams or you just want to check out the new models on the market, trade your traditional rental car for a sensational sports car rental in Miami. The sports car industry has come a long way from your traditional racing car. You can find a sports car rental in Miami in just about any model. Check out our enticing sports cars for rent in Miami that’ll have you ditching your traditional Miami rental for a souped up roadster in no time.

The True Meaning of Traveling in Style – SuperCar Rentals in Miami

You’re on your way to sunny South Florida for a trip to remember–now, take it a gear further and rent a sleek, sophisticated sports car to seal the deal. Drive with the top down on the Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport with a pristine white exterior and smooth-as-butter leather interior to set off the summer sunshine. This is no mere muscle car, however; it’s roomy and strong enough to hold gifts and souvenirs too!

The two seater Porsche Boxster glides with ease as you head down the coast or even cruise down Collins Avenue and gaze at the starry sky. Perhaps you’re only in Miami for a pitstop and you’re gearing up to head to The Florida Keys for a fantastical tropical getaway. In that case, the Audi R8 Spyder is compact but convenient enough for comfortable travel.

Whether whipping your luxury rental down in The Keys or galavanting around South Beach, a premium rental car will have you on an entirely different wavelength–a true vacation from the norm. With the world’s finest and most serene beaches never further than a care-free spin away–Miami will become your home away from home in no time. Driving down the highway in style has never been so fun than in this sporty two-seater with impossibly futuristic design and capabilities. The Audi R8 rentals and our other sports car rentals are hassle free and quite simply–allow you the freedom of renting!

The classic, vintage Porsche 1974-911 Carrera RS is one that classic car enthusiasts won’t want to miss. This sports rental in Miami is a one-of-a-kind luxury vehicle with all of the updated bells and whistle while still holding on to its classic, award-winning attributes. Rent a Porsche in Miami and enjoy the comforts of home without the responsibilities.

Lou La Vie is the Authority in Miami Sports Car Rentals

Lou La Vie is a privately owned and professionally staffed luxury car rental service in Miami that takes pride in hand-selecting a vehicle that meets your wants and needs, and advises in any way possible to contribute to the satisfaction of our clients. We ourselves are luxury car enthusiasts and are knowledgeable and eager to help you choose the Miami luxury car rental that will light you up. The best part about our rental services in Miami is that whether you are touching down at MIA, or headed to a big corporate event downtown, we will be there, keys in hand and ready to help you any way we can.

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Sports Car Models:


What makes a vehicle a “sports car?”

The definition of “sports car” has changed many times over the years. However, most agree that sports cars have high performance engines that are at least a V-8. Most sports cars are lower to the ground and weigh less than your average car. Some insurance companies classify sports cars only as two-door vehicles. They increase the insurance because of the smaller size in relation to the four door performance models.           

Why do I need sports car?

Speed. If you like driving fast and making a splash a sports car is the right automobile for you! Our beautiful models will not only get you where you need to be in a flash, but impress those awaiting your arrival.   

Are sports cars safe?

High power engines ( like the ones in sports cars) are recommended for more experienced drivers as bad weather makes it easier to slip and skid. You’d be shocked to know that, despite their size and weight, sports cars do have certain safety advantages. Antilock braking systems allow for a short stop and steering capability during panic. Sports cars are also closer to the ground which lowers the center of gravity and improves aerodynamics.      

How much does it cost to rent a sports car through Lou La Vie?

A sports car will run you around $349 to $1,119 a day to rent.

What types of sports cars do you carry?

We offer the Porsche 1974 922 Carrera Rs, the Porsche Panamera GTS, the Corvette Stingray Z51 Convertible, the Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport, the Nissan GTR, the Audi R8 Spyder, the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, and the Porsche Boxter.

Do you have any four seater sports cars?

Yes. Our Porsche 1974 911 Carrera RS, Panamera GTS, Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport, the Nissan GTS, and the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, all have four seats. This will benefit you if you need to temporarily increase your insurance policy.   

How long can I rent a sports car for?

All automobiles can be rented by the day, week, or month. For a minimum of three hours, Lou La Vie offers hourly rates for photographers and production companies.

Do your sports cars have GPS?

Yes. We offer the most up to date vehicles, though, there are those rare cars that come without. Lou La Vie wants you to arrive at your destination safely and in style, therefore we provide portable Garmin units for the cars that need them.

Do you require a security deposit?

There is a security deposit required in case of accident or damage dealt to the car. Dependent on the car and your insurance policy, deposits are between $5,000 and $12,000.

Do I have to pay tolls?

Of course not! We want your ride to be as smooth as possible. To make your experience completely seamless, each car is fitted with its own Sunpass.

Do I have to use your auto insurance or can I use my own?

Certainly! We accept major auto insurance policies that can cover the vehicle should it be involved in a car accident. The insurance needs to be fully comprehensive with limits of 100/300/100. For our international guests or for those who do not have an insurance policy, we require a security deposit that adequate to cover damages should your rental be involved in a Miami car accident. For more information about car accident insurance claims, Miami’s largest car accident attorney referral service, 1800-INJURED has comprehensive information available to the public.

Can I add a driver?

Absolutely! For your convenience and a small $65 fee you may add one additional driver. Your driving partner must be of legal age and have auto insurance.

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