Luxury SUV Rental in Miami

Luxury SUV rentals in Miami are the ideal way to transport your friends, family, or colleagues to and fro without having to deal with the hassle of renting multiple, standard cars that neither fit your budget nor your lifestyle needs. As soon as you touch down, you’ll be met with an SUV (or several!) that will have you outfitted for the duration of your trip.

Picky in-laws or particular colleagues? You don’t need to worry about hypercritical family or party-members when renting luxury SUVs from Lou La Vie; we make sure to outfit each of the SUVs in our fleet with all the incidentals that your posh party could need. Whether you’re on a family vacation or hauling your bachelorette crew around town, you know that a luxury SUV in Miami will make all of the difference for your South Florida foray. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different luxury SUV options at your disposal in sunny South Florida.

Premium SUV Rental in Miami for your Family Vacation

So, you’re planning a big event in South Florida and want a little extra transport space and a lot of extra style? Considered luxury SUV rentals in Miami for the festivities. Obviously, the typical white van with removable seats may not be roomy nor stylish enough for the entire gang of groomsmen. With that corporate event just around the corner, perhaps you’d rather pick up your boss in style. Equally so, family trips to Disney and Universal Studios don’t have to be cramped, nerve-racking escapades. Do your group a favor and arrange a Miami SUV rental so you can chill out on the drive over, rather than hunkering down with hopes of retaining your sanity.

Lou La Vie’s Luxury SUV Rental Fleet Help Miami’s Tourists Blend with the Locals

Lou La Vie is Miami’s authority in luxury car and SUV rentals–we know what our car enthusiast brethren prefer. View our awe-inspiring collection of fine automobiles, for a taste of the quality that you can expect from our well-reputed luxury rental car service in Miami.
The savvy team at Lou La Vie will only provide you with an exceptional experience that can only enhance your South Florida luxury SUV rental experience. A member of our team will be present with you to make sure you understand all of the elements and functionalities of your luxury car rental. We only staff studied and trained automobile experts to offer you exceptional service throughout your rental experience.

We offer you top-notch service and will come directly to your event, hotel, airport or otherwise to personally hand over the keys. For your big family, consider the Cadillac Escalade 2015I, with 7 roomy, comfortable seats–this exceptional vehicle is ready for the long haul. When you rent an Escalade in Miami, you’re saving yourself the hassle of cramping together and hoping that everyone gets along.

If you’re thinking about a Range Rover for rent, the Range Rover Autobiography seats 5 with plenty of baggage room. The boss and coworkers will certainly feel as though you went out of your way. This model is comfortable, impressive, and will leave you yearning for your drive to dinner or coast down Miami beach. No matter what your choice of luxury SUV, make sure your drives around Miami are as much part of the vacation as the trip itself.

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Luxury SUV Models:


What is a “luxury SUV?”

The acronym SUV stands for “Sports Utility Vehicle”. Generally, they are known for their elevated height, sloping posteriors, and roomy interiors. SUVs are also notorious for their legendary cargo space. This can be used to carry equipment, store luggage, or lock away pesky backseat drivers. A luxury SUV, however, is very different from your soccer mom’s family van. Current SUVs are installed with turbocharged engines that are not hindered by the size of the machine. Lou La Vie extends high quality automobiles to the client with exquisite taste and the need for extra room.

Why do I need a luxury SUV?

Why don’t you? Perfect for a vacationing family, or a romantic camping trip, a luxury SUV will give you a glorious experience. Do not sacrifice size for extravagance when you can have both. We want you to enjoy your rental, regardless of what you use it for.

How much does it cost to rent a luxury SUV through Lou La Vie?

To rent a luxury SUV it will cost you anywhere from $499-$549 a day.

What types of luxury SUV do you carry?

Lou La Vie carries the Porche Cayenne GTS, the Escalade 2015I, the Range Rover Autobiography, and the Range Rover HSE Sport.

Do you have any two seater luxury SUVs?

Nope, all of our luxury SUVs actually have five seats each.

How long can I rent an exotic car for?

All automobiles can be rented by the day, week, or month. For a minimum of three hours, Lou La Vie offers hourly rates for photographers and production companies.

Do your luxury SUV have GPS?

Yes. We offer the most up to date vehicles, though, there are those rare cars that come without. Lou La Vie wants you to arrive at your destination safely and in style, therefore we provide portable Garmin units for the cars that need them.

Do you require a security deposit?

There is a security deposit required in case of accident or damage dealt to the car. Dependent on the car and your insurance policy, deposits are between $5,000 and $12,000.

Do I have to pay tolls?

Of course not! We want your ride to be as smooth as possible. To make your experience completely seamless, each car is fitted with its own Sunpass.

Do I have to use your auto insurance or can I use my own?

Certainly! We accept major auto insurance policies that can cover the vehicle should there be an accident. The insurance needs to be fully comprehensive with limits of 100/300/100. For our international guests or for those who do not have an insurance policy, we require a larger security deposits.

Can I add a driver?

Absolutely! For your convenience and a small $65 fee you may add one additional driver. Your driving partner must be of legal age and have auto insurance.

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