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Luxury Car Rental in Miami

There’s a new trend sweeping the nation. Renting a luxury vehicle is now the ‘new black’ and it’s becoming more popular each day. When you arrive at your destination and need a vehicle for the remainder of your stay, you might call the airport in advance and have a simple, compact rental car waiting for you. While such a rental vehicle will get you around, maybe it’s time to upgrade your thinking and get something that will not only provide room, but offer classy appeal. Check out these hot options for luxury car rentals in Miami.

Driving Away in Style – Miami Airport Car Rental in Miami

When you arrive at Miami International Airport, you’re already taken by the tropical paradise. Palms trees welcome you to partake in the local, fast-paced yet enticingly serene lifestyle at the same time. Your villa on the Bay is waiting and you have bigger than usual plans for your ‘staycation’ this time – relaxing!

While you know that your work and play time run together, you also know how to have yourself to a good time. Why not add a bit of style and luxury to your stay? You have a specific model, color, and design in mind and can have your pick as if it were your own. You can now expect to find models such the Stingray Corvette, a fierce red contrast melts over a gorgeous exterior. Inside this rental luxury sports car seating two, you have enough room for groceries, shopping bags, and that scuba gear for your exciting trips to The Keys.

If you want something with a little more ‘off-road’ appeal that will accommodate your extensive travel time while you’re here, the Range Rover HSE Sport has what it takes. Equipped with five comfy seats and a pristine interior that compliments the sleek, black exterior, frustrating car rides are no more. The Range Rover is always a favorite for accommodating, sophisticated car rentals in Miami.

Lastly, for those that are ready to take Miami by storm, the striking silver Porsche 911 Carrera 4S offers a ride that will absolutely enhance your ‘night on the town’. A bright white interior provides a comfortable ride for your guests while you drop the top and glide through the warm South Florida air. After you’ve had a fun filled evening, you and your guests may be a bit disappointed when the ride’s over.

Whatever occasion brings you to South Florida, remember that your options in Miami rentals cars are endless.

The Luxury Car Experts at Lou La Vie Serve clients in Miami and South Florida.

When you’re looking to upgrade your rental car in Miami, look no further than our trusted specialists. Your vacation could use an upgrade so why settle for an ordinary or standard vehicle when you can drive in style? Our trusted team of experts only maintain the finest, most sophisticated luxury and exotic rentals in Miami. From event services to pick up service at the airport, we have you covered.
Reach out to us for the most sought after luxury car rentals in Miami.

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