Zenith: Fusing Art and Fashion

Zenith: Fusing Art and Fashion, is the union of cultures through the fusion of art and fashion. For a limited time, until the 8th of January, Zenith, curated by Carla Cid de Diego, presents the incredible work of 17 international artists and 13 fashion designers from all around the world at the beautiful Lou La Vie Gallery.

Zenith celebrates several unique events with live art performances by some of the participating artists, models wearing art, living art performances where artists paint on models, live music, and much more.
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this outstanding exhibition, be mesmerized by the work of the unique artists and designers and become part of the union of cultures through the fusion of Art and Fashion.

Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade

On April 10th, Lou La Vie, along with the W Hotel South Beach and a few of LLV’s luxury cars joined in celebrating the 8th Annual Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade on South Beach. Bringing together all genders and sexualities, the Miami Beach Gay Pride definitely succeeded in getting the allies, friends, and support together in celebration of the unique spirit and culture of the LGBTQ community. And Lou La Vie was happy to be a part of it!


Ferrucio Lamborghini, from tractor maker to Ferrari’s rival

Not a lot of people know that Ferrucio Lamborghini was born in a family who farmed grapes for a living. It was his mechanical interest and knowledge that lead him to start the production of tractors, a business that became very popular and profitable during and after World War II because of war needs and post-war reform initiatives.

Since Ferrucio was a car enthusiast he decided to buy a Ferrari 250GT. After using it for a while, he noticed it had an interior clutch that would always break, the reason why he had to go back to Maranello so many times. He brings up a complaint to Enzo Ferrari, and argued with him personally about which clutch was better. Ferrari thought a tractor maker wouldn’t be a threat to his business. This is what pushed Ferrucio Lamborghini into the car business.

Ferrucio, who was a clever entrepreneur, knew exactly how to compete against his opponent and make profit out of his business. He studied Ferrari’s flaws in order to overcome them and improve them in his automobiles. Almost all the mechanisms in his Lamborghini cars were the same as those used in his tractors.

Lamborghini is today a very successful car-making company, just as popular as Ferrari. Imagine if Enzo Ferrari would have had a different attitude towards Ferrucio, they could have partnered and maybe now his company wouldn’t have to deal with such a significant competition.


Ferrari, Masters of Leathers


Schedoni produces leather for Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Pagani and Ferrari. Why would all the top Italian car-brands want the same company producing its leather? In Italy, consumers value tradition and passion. Before becoming a company, Schedoni was just a middle-class Italian family. There was something special about the Schedoni, they designed the most desired leather products in the World.

The family started on the leather business in 1880, when Celso Schedoni opened a small handmade footwear boutique in Formagine, Italy. Since then, their passion for leather kept growing through his family for generations.

In 1970, Mauro Schedoni started working at his family’s boutique and incorporated various leather goods, including leather luggage. Mauro was obsessed with the product’s quality and design. His philosophy was, “practice to perfection”. No matter how much time it took him to create the perfect design, or how expensive it was, the product wasn’t finished until it reached “perfection”.

When Mauro’s brother in law, Franco Folli, heard about these new perfectly made-to-measure luggage, he decided customizing a set that fitted in his 308 GTB. They were just perfect for a Ferrari. Ferrari loved his luggage so much, they tapped Schedoni to produce a leather goods line of bags for various Ferrari models and outfit seats for the cockpits of Formula One racing vehicles.

Years later, in 1983, Schedoni also began working with the Ferrari Formula 1 team supplying their leather seat covers. Its success led to additional work for Ferrari in the mid 1990’s, when it created seat covers for the Ferrari F50 (349 vehicles).

Schedoni has now more than 35 years of professional life alongside Ferrari.



Second Annual Miami Beach Concours

On March 20th, Lou La Vie partnered with Road and Track and others to present the 2016 Second Annual Miami Beach Concours. What a day it was! Featuring over 200 one-of-a-kind cars including the 1 of 1, 1994 Lamborghini Diablo 30th Anniversary Special Edition and the very first Ferrari F40, the Miami Beach Golf Course was packed with true car enthusiast, fans, and collectors alike. With many surprises, like the appearance of chief test driver of Lamborghini, Mr. Valentino Balboni, and the revealing of the new Rolls Royce Dawn by the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars group, it was definitely one of those “you had to be there” type of events!

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The “German Ambassador” of all things Supercars & Hybrid stops by Lou La Vie!


If you came to February 18th Art Night, I’m sure it was hard for you to miss two things… The bright “Sue You Tomorrow” neon-lit art on the wall by MChudy and the show-stopping Porsche 918 Spyder that made it’s first debut at Lou La Vie.

With its eccentric design and acid-green lining throughout, it’s rather hard to walk passed it and not marvel at its beauty and intricacy. Being that there are only 918 in production, it’s kind of a big deal when you come across one. Not only that but, rarely do you get face-to-face time with one of the pioneers of all things supercar AND hybrid. Much like the Mercedes Benz 6×6, this ride is not for rent at LLV. Though, you can find the Porsche 918 Spyder on display at our showroom. Just be sure you catch her before she’s gone!

Paricuta: The Mexican Huichol Crafts

On February 18th, Lou La Vie will be conducting yet another Art Night Event. Featured for the month of February are extremely talented Mexican Huichol artists known under the moniker, Paricuta. Known for their detailed beading helmets, egg sculptures, figurines, and most popularly, an actual-sized Formula 1 race car, they seamlessly blow our minds with their intricate designs. Join us for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres provided by Midtown’s new hot restaurant Apeiro. RSVP is highly recommended. RSVP to [email protected]

f1 helmet

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves…


Art. Speed. Design.

Arguably the 3 most important elements to this fast-paced city we call Miami. For the past 5 years Lou La Vie has pursued the absolute perfection of coordinating the three seamlessly and effectively. Admittedly, the success feels great but, the time has come to raise that bar again.

Art. So we’ve started by reimagining the aesthetic of Lou La Vie Gallery. With Primary Projects taking creative direction on this blank canvas of a space we’ve taken nontextual matter to an entirely new level. Lou La Vie Gallery is far beyond housing art. With friends, like Trey Songz and Dj Khaled coming in for special events such as Miami’s Hashtag Lunchbag, Lou La Vie Gallery has become a frequented spot for art, music and, entertainment appreciator’s alike.

Speed. Focusing on our DNA, we have procured the greatest exotic cars in the world… While continuously expanding our outreach, we’ve recently partnered with New York’s own PCNY to continue to offer vehicles and the lifestyle that comes along with it across the entire Eastern Seaboard.

Design. With over 7,000 square feet and a carefully selected fleet of exotics, we have rediscovered new ways to utilize such precious tools to recreates something so minimal, sleek and sexy. Lou La Vie A very special thank you to you for being a part of our family for the past 5 years. We plan on keeping you along for the ride for the many more years to come.

Lou La Vie Boutique, Art. Speed. Design.
The Original Lifestyle Brand

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Fight Night With Hublot

Hublot of Bal Harbour hosted a private viewing of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao “Fight of the Century” at Lou La Vie’s showroom for their VIP’s. There were plenty of seats available for everyone to enjoy the fight in comfort, along with drinks from a full service bar, snacks were also available in the viewing area, and poker sets were placed at various tables for guests to enjoy.

Outside, a Jefe’s Fish Taco & Burgers food truck was brought over to supply guests with a delicious meal. Hublot watches were also on display including the all new King Power WBC. We definitely can’t wait for the next “Money Mayweather” fight, see you guys soon!

Saagar Patel
Intern, Lou La Vie

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