Besides amazing cars… I can appreciate amazing food. Actually that is an understatement… I’m a foodie.  I’m a fat boy trapped in a skinny guy’s body.  I look forward to trying new restaurants and more than once, have driven over an hour to spearhead a craving.

I moved to Miami about 4 years ago from Palm Beach.  Since that date I have made it my personal mission to find the BEST food Miami has to offer. My formula is as follows;

1. Ask anyone over 55 what their favorite is… preferably natives.
2. Create a cross reference of reviews between Google, Yelp, Miami New Times and any local papers. NEVER trust one source.
3. Franchises are terrible. Don’t even attempt to find anything palatable at any franchise except for Houston’s/Hillstone. They are an anomaly.
4. Verify all cross referenced restaurants with a native… and… Wallah!

Using the above methods I have decided that the best Cheeseburger in Miami is at Blue Collar.

Located in a defunct Motel off Biscayne Boulevard, Blue Collar is a STELLAR hole in the wall. Inside seating for maybe 15-20, this new-age diner makes you feel at home. From vintage Thermos mugs to an amazing playlist of classic hip hop and 50’s doo-wop, Blue Collar appeals to every sense. It’s menu is a combination of fresh, exciting, gourmet, comfort food. From latkes to home made chocolate cake, braised brisket, everything at Blue Collar is awesome.

Located on the Sandwich menu at Blue Collar, The Real Juicy Cheeseburger, is a beautiful patty of Prime Dry Aged New York Strip on a Portugese Muffin with Lettuce, Tomato and Onion your choice of cheese and accompanied by some of the best think cut steak fries in the South East.

We have to admit that the parking was not great for our Mercedes SLS AMG… so we decided to park the supercar on the curb and risk getting a ticket. It was worth it. Enjoy the pictures of the Lou La Vie Mercedes SLS AMG and then our experience at Blue Collar Miami.

Miami travelers, second home owners, exotic car renters, car enthusiasts, friends, tourists, Brasilian’s and anyone else that is new or traveling to Miami… Try Blue Collar you will love it

-John Temerian

President, Lou La Vie

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